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  • Creating A Life Worth Living.

    We believe that all people should be given a chance to develop themselves and others, to become community leaders, makers, and movers of this Country; Our job is to make sure that opportunity is presented to all who want it!

    We have been around for quite some time, as the brainchild of our founder who had a dream that he could take these brilliant-minded individuals who are caught up and victimized by the established Criminal/Government system, and elevate these individuals to societal success.

    Then take said individuals and show them how to take their struggles and determination to do what they did and repurpose that energy to focus it on rebuilding their communities, helping the people that are still sick and suffering, and creating careers and jobs out of gifts and skillsets they already possess. Creating jobs for other people who have criminal backgrounds, creating a space where people love to do what they do and can find financial freedom for their futures.

    “Now this is quite a dream but let me show you how I know we can do this.”

    There is an abundance of energy that is currently going into criminal justice reform and re-entry services and we believe it can be done in a much more effective way. Believing that the approach that has been being popularly used is not actually addressing the two major problems with affected individuals, that we call “institutional trauma/ PTSD and/or childhood trauma” and “intrinsic value” through a Trauma-Informed clinical approach and a peer involved system, having someone you can always call and truly addressing the issues that have influenced you as a person, we can help you change your views, ability to adapt, and “excel from the inside out”.

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